What Is Metasploit, What Does It Do?

Metasploit is an open sourced penetration test tool, written with Ruby language. Developed for security tests, Metasploit has a practical interface and contains of over 1500 exploits. Also includes lots of parameters and modules for easier use of all the tools inside it. This form of Metasploit allows the user to build their own strategy.[…]


What Is Linux?

Linux is an UNIX operating system type that can be freely distributed, with multitasking and multiple users. Linux is developed by people on the internet with knowledge and interest and starting with IBM-PC compatible personal computers, can be used on many platforms and without any kind of payment. UNIX is developed in the middle of[…]

Awareness in Cyber Security

Awareness in Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most popular subjects in our century. As everything turns to technology rapidly in our century, cyber crime rates are getting higher just as fast. No matter how much it’s been tried to prevent, people between this element of frailty are still weak. The ignorance rate being high explains this[…]