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Awareness in Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Awareness in Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most popular subjects in our century. As everything turns to technology rapidly in our century, cyber crime rates are getting higher just as fast. No matter how much it’s been tried to prevent, people between this element of frailty are still weak. The ignorance rate being high explains this situation well enough. It’s obvious to see that, without enough knowledge, it’s useless to try to protect a system. Especially the effort of big companies trying to spread awareness is gaining attention. Now, companies do spread awareness to their workers, but what do we have to do personally?

Phishing Attacks

Recently, phishing attacks are getting popular and mostly done over e-mail, these phishing attacks are not only a threat to an individual but also a huge threat to companies and keep damaging them. The most important point of phishing attacks done using email or sms spoofing, is the addresses. As example, let’s say that the mail content sent to you is the same as the mail layout your company uses. To be able to tell that this mail is fake, we need to carefully look at the mail address of the sender.


You’re seeing a phishing attack done with a fake e-mail address above. The layout of the mail is the same as the company’s but we can tell that this was obviously done for phishing by looking at the mail address.


Free Wi-fi’s

Besides phishing attacks, wi-fi’s without a password are also a huge threat.  In places like cafes and such, networks can be listened using free wi-fi’s, causing the listener to get a very good amount of your information stored on your laptop, phone, etc. These kinds of wi-fi’s should be as little as possible, it’s recommended to do nothing requiring your personal passwords, if you have to use them. This will help you keep your information secure.

Password Security and “BruteForce”

We all know that recently companies have made their password policy a lot more strict. It is very important that your passwords contain big and small letters, numbers and allowed special characters. Why? Because a different type of attacking called “BruteForce” is also quite common. With BruteForce attacks, simple passwords can easily be broken and many of your information can be stolen by an attacker using this technique.

Pop-up Advertisements

We are also aware of the phishing attacks using pop-up ads that many websites use. When we see a pop-up ad, the best thing we can do is to close it. You can also use an adblocker on your browser which will increase your security.

Security starts with awareness…


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Melisa Ayşe Demirel | Author - Translator