What Is Linux?

Linux is an UNIX operating system type that can be freely distributed, with multitasking and multiple users. Linux is developed by people on the internet with knowledge and interest and starting with IBM-PC compatible personal computers, can be used on many platforms and without any kind of payment.

UNIX is developed in the middle of 70’s as an operating system with multiple users on big computers. With time it has spread and many derivatives of it has emerged. Since the name UNIX is a registerated trademark of UNIX Research Laboratories INC, many companies has used different names for operating systems working with the same basics. As example companies listed below use the operating system right next to their name.

Hewlett-Packard, HP-UX


Sun Microsystems, SunOS

Today, starting from personal computers to super computers, there are many kinds of UNIX that are being used. Sadly, most of these kinds are mostly cancelled developing at one point and are being sold with high prices.

Linux, in basic, was developed by a student named Linus Torvalds studying in University of Finland and with the help of many curious programmers on the internet. Linux development is continuing openly. This meaning, every phase of the operating system is being posted on the internet, tested by many users on the world and bugs and lacks of it are being detected, fixed and developed. From time to time, these trial phases are being stopped at one point and once there’s a safe operating system offered, the developing of another series start. Development being this open is a huge advantage for Linux. Development of it is universal and errors are instantly being found and reported and fixed with the help of many users. Some operating system releases can even be updated in several hours.

Linux’s Purpose of Use

Since it’s free and still in development many people think that Linux can’t be used professionally. However, computers that use Linux operating systems are used widely starting from Professional personal use.

Personal Use

Linux is an ideal platform for people who want to use an UNIX operating system in their home or work. Especially working with UNIX platforms in work or education, using apps of it or people who are developing programs can catch the same working area and do their jobs on their personal computers. Adding to all of it, applications under Linux are increasingly getting the attention of even the most ordinary users. Even though their development phases aren’t over yet, text editors, calculators, drawing softwares and databases you can expect from an ordinary opearting system are working well enough to asnwer to many users. As example, users of LaTeX can find much more support than they find in MS-DOS

Internet Servers

Linux directly comes with TCP/IP support. With this way of it, in the TCP/IP based computer networks it was used both as a client and a server. Services on it being diverse, it being able to keep up with new services fast, being able to be configured easily and especially since the cost of it is low it’S being used to give internet services. With time it has expanded its network services to help more internet protocols. Right now Linux not only uses common TCP/IP services like

  • WWW server
  • DNS server
  • NFS server
  • NIS server
  • X Window server
  • BOOTP server
  • SMTP server
  • FTP server
  • listitemST server
  • NEWS server

But also uses

  • NOVELL server (Disk and printer service using Novell protocol)
  • SAMBA server (Disk and printer service for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and WfW)
  • APPLETALK server (Disk and printer service for Apple machines that use MacOS)

Network Member

With the Linux program support, it can be used as an alternative to take the places of network members. It can also be used as a router to connect different networks to each other. As a member to switch between protocols Linux is used commonly. Also once it’s used as a router, for security purposes it can also configure to make a firewall. Apart from this, it can also serve as a bridge. In many institutions Linux is also used as a terminal server for modems.

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