What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is one of the most basic hacking methods. Social engineering, in basic, is grabbing information about the target person or institution by using people’s human interactions and their carelessness. Shortly, Social Engineering’s goal is to -quite literally- fool people by using their emotions, inattentiveness and their weaknesses and grab information. How to do […]

Linux Antivirus Setup (COMODO)

Strong Antivirus and e-mail filtering software for Linux based computers It detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptop and desktops Blocks the viruses in e-mails and spams On-access, optional and cloud based scanning features Virus definitions update everyday Easy to use: Set Comodo Antivirus up and forget about it while it protects you! Setup[…]

CrackMapExec (CME)

CrackMapExec (in otherwords CME) is an exploitation tool for evaluating the security of big active directory networks. CrackMapExec (CME) Setup apt-get install -y libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev build-essential git clone https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/CrackMapExec   cd CrackMapExec && git submodule init && git submodule update –recursive python setup.py install After the setup is done you can look at the[…]