What is Backlink – Hacklink?

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What is Backlink?

Baclink, is a link to your website taken from a website to another website given in a page. Link could be put on a picture or a word.

What does Baclink do?

  • Backlink helps your Google page rank increase.
  • It improves your indexing speed on Google.
  • It helps you get to higher points on search engines.

How to do Backlink?

There are a lot of ways to getting links.

  • Getting an introduction article from a website.
  • Making small websites and link to your main website.
  • Linking to your website on blog comments.
  • Asking bloggers to write an analysis article about your website.


<a href=”https://www.kernelblog.org/” rel=”dofollow”>KernelBlog</a>

<p style=”overflow: auto; position: fixed; height: 0pt; width: 0pt“>https://kernelblog.org/ </p>

You could make it like you see above.

Ways to get organic Backlink

  • Become a member of forums.
  • Be a guest writer.
  • Be a sponsor.
  • Use the social media.

You can add the link to your website if you do all of these. By making original content and setting up activities people will repost your article and this way you can do Backlink.

What is Hacklink?

Hacklinking is infiltrating into a website from a vulnerability or using another way and adding the codes we mentioned earlier. This also makes backlink.

Hacklink though, is usually added to websites with lots of hits, like government or university websites.

Hacklinking doesn’t have a strategy, a successful hacker can do it. When extracting the Backlink, important some codes to hide the link are usually used. This way, the owner of the website can not tell that there is a link exit from their website.

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