Linux Antivirus Setup (COMODO)

Strong Antivirus and e-mail filtering software for Linux based computers

  • It detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptop and desktops
  • Blocks the viruses in e-mails and spams
  • On-access, optional and cloud based scanning features
  • Virus definitions update everyday
  • Easy to use: Set Comodo Antivirus up and forget about it while it protects you!


First of all, download the compatible package from here

Then we get to the download/downloaded files folder and open the terminal and type:

dpkg -i filename

and then type:


After it shows more, you can accept the license agreement by pressing space. You should write your e-mail address and choose your country.

The setup process is this much, Comodo Antivirus software is on our Linux operating system now.


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