Unity 3D Beginning

We’ll be giving you information about Unity 3D in this article. We’ll talk about what you can do and what we’ll do.

What is Unity 3D?

Unity is a platform that helps you make professional games. Unity is a great tool that’s easy for beginners, strong for advanced users. It’s possible to make mobile, desktop, web and console games as well as 3D games.

How do I learn how to use Unity?

Well this part is neither easy nor hard, for starters there are tons of videos about Unity on Youtube that you can access. Also there are some requirements for Unity that you should know before starting. Though, the only things you’ll need are intermediate C# knowledge and a decent computer.

Let’s Acknowledge Unity 3D


This is the screen you’ll see the most once you start using Unity. 🙁

I want to keep this article short because on the next article we’ll write a tiny script on Unity and I’ll post he working steps of it on my Youtube channel so that you can understand it visually too. You can do some research on Unity while waiting. 🙂

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