How to make bootanimation from video

What is bootanimation?

Bootanimation is an animation that appears when the device is turned on and off.  In this article, I’ll teach you how to make bootanimation.

How to make bootanimation?

Let’s download the  Boot Animator first.

Download a video shorter than a minute. Pay attention to length of your video. If it is long, the device will take a long time. Open the BootAnimator from here.  I chose Ubuntunu’s opening screen because I want a good screen.

Click on ‘Open Video File’ then choose the video you downloaded.
1-) Enter the height and width of your phone.
2-) Mark the tics.
3-) Finally, click ‘ Create Boot Animation’  and wait (say yes if the warning screen appears).

Boot Animator folder in the My Project in the or comes directly on your screen opens.

If your phone is rooted, replace the file with the file in the system / media folder. However, please make a backup before changing.

You can download Boot Animation from Yandex Disk. Don’t forget I did it for 1080 x 1920 resolution devices. You can make your own boot cycles by adjusting them according to your phone’s resolution. As I said above, longer videos can extend the opening time.

You can increase the fps to shorten the boot time. Boot animation will play faster and your phone will open faster.

This is all about making Boot Animation. Hopefully it benefits your business.

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