Possible Cyber Attack Scenario: Data Collecting

Hello readers! If you want to know how to cyber attack other devices, the information for it is on the internet messily. The purpose of this article is to teach you the steps and scenarios of an attack systematically. First of all, I’d like you to know that a cyber attack is no different than[…]

Quantum Levitation

Roughly defining, it’s levitating a superconductive object within a magnetic surface using the features of quantum physics. How Does It Levitate? When a superconductive object is placed on a magnetic disc, the strong magnetic surface of the disk causes the superconductive object to levitate. Of course there’s a limit and explanation to how distant the[…]

Uninstalling Linux

This article is about uninstalling Linux distrubutions from a computer with two operating systems (dualboot) without damaging the machine. Operations First of all, you should start your Windows OS Download the software called MbrFix.exe to the C:\ directory Start Windows command line (cmd) as administrator Write the commands you see below. After getting the message[…]