Uninstalling Linux

This article is about uninstalling Linux distrubutions from a computer with two operating systems (dualboot) without damaging the machine.


  • First of all, you should start your Windows OS
  • Download the software called MbrFix.exe to the C:\ directory
  • Start Windows command line (cmd) as administrator
  • Write the commands you see below.
cd \
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr

After getting the message you see above, you should accept it by pressing Y. That uninstalls grub and brings back the windows bootstrapper.

Let’s go to the disc manager of the computer by (My Computer>right click>manage>disc manager). From here, you should erase the unit that Linux is installed in and by doing that you have safely uninstalled Linux!


If Linux is installed in another disc in your computer you can change the number in the “/drive 0” command and see whatever disk Linux is written in. As example:

mbrfix /drive 0 listpartitions
mbrfix /drive 1 listpartitions
mbrfix /drive 2 listpartitions

Hope this helps you! Good Luck!

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