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Developing Apps Without Coding Knowledge

Maybe it’s not as hard as you think it is to make apps for Android devices. Because I’ll now talk about an app that you most likely haven’t seen or paid attention to.

This apps helps you code using blocks. Starting from the interface, you make everything you need using blocks with this app. Because of this behaviour of the app, you can actually make the app idea you have in your head almost perfectly, if you visualize it and connect it with blocks. Please don’t think of these “blocks” as a Minecraft-like system. Blocks represent pre-made code prompts.
I’ll briefly introduce you to the app.

The app is called “Sketchware”

What’s the purpose of Sketchware?

This app is based in South Korea and made by 3 people. It’s purpose is to get people interested into coding and show them how much they can do with it.

Thus, they’re doing their job pretty well. Also, they don’t forget to add new features constantly. With this, people get inspirations to make new apps and gain money from them.

Let me list down some of the features you can find in this app.

  • You can put ad support to your application with Admob.
  • It’s so easy to use. At the same time, they offer translation files to support all languages.
  • It offers collections made and posted by other users. These collections consist of blocks, interface designs and special blocks.
  • This app helps you make server operations with Google Firebase and Storage support. With this, starting from online chatting apps to online services you can make pretty much anything.
  • With Mediaplayer you can design your own music player or get audio data from a website and play it in the app.

Sketchware may be a great base for you to start from with many other different features like seen above.

Before I forget, there’s tutorials for the app in different languages. I advise you to take a look at them before you start to develop an app because it will help you undertand the basics of the application better.

Good luck!


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Melisa Ayşe Demirel | Author - Translator