What is Wine?/ What Does It Do?/ Setup


In this article, I’ll talk about what Wine is, what it does and it’s setup.

Wine is an application system that allows Windows applications to run on Linux, Bsd etc. systems.

Wine is an abbrevation for “Wine is not emulator.” Therefore, Wine can not run some Windows applications. This is because Wine’s application layers can’t store all Windows libraries and abilities. This can also mean that some applications on Windows may run faster on Linux, Bsd etc. systems through Wine. You can find Wine’s website here.

Wine Setup

First of all, you need to make sure that your system is up to date. You don’t need to do this if you’re sure it’s up to date.
Enter the command seen below to update your system

sudo apt-get update

Now, to install Wine, please enter the command seen below.

sudo apt-get install wine

There should be a question asked to you in the screen. Accept it by pressing “Y” on your keyboard.

We pressed the letter “E” here because we’re downloading it in Turkish

You don’t need to do anything else, it’ll install on it’s own.

After installation, you can play with the settings (as example setting the Windows release number) by entering the “winecfg” command.


Good Luck!

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