Important Things About Cyber Security

Hello, I will tell you important things about cyber security in this article. Let’s get started.

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Be Aware

Don’t forget that people who want to harm you will follow you, whether it be online or in real life. Let’s say you posted a picture on social media and tagged a location in it which happened to be right by your house or somewhere you often go to. You’re basically giving out your own information to people who may want to harm you. This way they don’t need to show special effort to finding those informations about you since you’re giving them out on the open for everyone to see like that. Therefore, this makes their job easier. So be aware of what you post on social media at all times.

Know What You Allow

Let’s say you downloaded a keyboard app on your mobile device, did you look the permissions it needs to work? No, right? That’s entirely wrong. If the keyboard app also needs permission to use your camera, isn’t it odd? Why would a keyboard need a camera to work, right? That’s why you need to be more careful about app permissions on your device. If you encounter anything that’s odd about an app (as another example: if a dictionary app wants permissions to access your camera, gallery and phone calls) you should not download that app.

Free WiFi

If you think free WiFi are pretty good, then you can say bye bye to your information. You can’t trust anything that’s free. There may be a reason behind why the WiFi is free, once you connect to that WiFi the owner of it will be able to put his hands on all of your information. That includes your documents, credit card passwords, social media accounts, personal informations, almost everything. They monitor them, record them and worse, use them without your consent.

Suspicious Links

Let’s go from an example again. You go to check your e-mails and suddenly see an e-mail from a random website that says:

“It’s your lucky day! We chose you because you’re very dear to us, as Mediamarkt we want to congratulate you because you won an Iphone 7 from us! To get it please clikc the link below and give us your ID number, name, surname, phone number and credit card password so we can send your Iphone 7 to you!”

This may sound hilarious but there are oh so many people out there who get scammed like this. A careless person would feel interested in this e-mail and click the link provided at the end of it then put in their information. Like this, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of social engineering.

In General

Actually there’s this one sad truth. It’s hard to get ahead of some companies even if you try to protect your own privacy. Everyone uses smartphones these days and in androids, there’s gapps (google apps) packages which puts google apps on your device by default and doesn’t let you delete them. They take your personal information and say that they offer better services to you.

I hope you had fun reading, be careful and good luck!

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