Zer0Day Attacks

A zero-day vulnerability is a software flaw that is not recognized or detected until exploited by a developer or vendor. They are often difficult to detect until the attacks occur. Attacks happen by abusing this vulnerability and spreading malware without allowing developers to release a patch or fix. If a software contains a security flaw,[…]

Django 3 Project Creation

Editor being used: PyCharm Python version: 3.7 Django version: 3.0.2 Django 3 Setup We start our PyCharm editor and write the name of our project after clicking File > New Project. I set the name of my project as KernelBlogDjango. The essential part here is to use a virtual environment. Thanks to the virtual environment, our[…]

What is Django Project?

Django is a high-level web framework made for Python Programming Language and licensed under the BSD license. Its main objective is to make complex web applications more effortless to use. It is designed for reusability, modularity, and fast development. Django is a high level and open-source web framework that uses the MVT structure written in[…]

Information Security

Information Security is defined as the protection of information, as an asset, from unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure, modification, destruction, and disruption. It consists of three basic elements; Confidentiality: Protecting information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Integrity: Preventing data from being modified in an unauthorized or undetected manner. Accessibility: Data, software, and hardware are[…]