Uninstalling Linux

This article is about uninstalling Linux distrubutions from a computer with two operating systems (dualboot) without damaging the machine. Operations First of all, you should start your Windows OS Download the software called MbrFix.exe to the C:\ directory Start Windows command line (cmd) as administrator Write the commands you see below. After getting the message[…]

Linux Antivirus Setup (COMODO)

Strong Antivirus and e-mail filtering software for Linux based computers It detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptop and desktops Blocks the viruses in e-mails and spams On-access, optional and cloud based scanning features Virus definitions update everyday Easy to use: Set Comodo Antivirus up and forget about it while it protects you! Setup[…]


What Is Linux?

Linux is an UNIX operating system type that can be freely distributed, with multitasking and multiple users. Linux is developed by people on the internet with knowledge and interest and starting with IBM-PC compatible personal computers, can be used on many platforms and without any kind of payment. UNIX is developed in the middle of[…]