Bypass Antiviruses with Veil Framework

During pentesting, the target machine/machines may be protected by Antivirus softwares. You’d have to bypass these softwares and open a shell. The tool that’s necessary for this kind of job is under the Veil roof, called veil-evasion. Softwares like this bypass antiviruses with different encoding methods. Setup: After the setup, run the “” file under the[…]

Linux Antivirus Setup (COMODO)

Strong Antivirus and e-mail filtering software for Linux based computers It detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptop and desktops Blocks the viruses in e-mails and spams On-access, optional and cloud based scanning features Virus definitions update everyday Easy to use: Set Comodo Antivirus up and forget about it while it protects you! Setup[…]