Zer0Day Attacks

A zero-day vulnerability is a software flaw that is not recognized or detected until exploited by a developer or vendor. They are often difficult to detect until the attacks occur. Attacks happen by abusing this vulnerability and spreading malware without allowing developers to release a patch or fix. If a software contains a security flaw,[…]

Bypass Antiviruses with Veil Framework

During pentesting, the target machine/machines may be protected by Antivirus softwares. You’d have to bypass these softwares and open a shell. The tool that’s necessary for this kind of job is under the Veil roof, called veil-evasion. Softwares like this bypass antiviruses with different encoding methods. Setup: After the setup, run the “Veil-Evasion.py” file under the[…]

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is one of the most basic hacking methods. Social engineering, in basic, is grabbing information about the target person or institution by using people’s human interactions and their carelessness. Shortly, Social Engineering’s goal is to -quite literally- fool people by using their emotions, inattentiveness and their weaknesses and grab information. How to do […]

Awareness in Cyber Security

Awareness in Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the most popular subjects in our century. As everything turns to technology rapidly in our century, cyber crime rates are getting higher just as fast. No matter how much it’s been tried to prevent, people between this element of frailty are still weak. The ignorance rate being high explains this[…]