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Developing Apps Without Coding Knowledge

Maybe it’s not as hard as you think it is to make apps for Android devices. Because I’ll now talk about an app that you most likely haven’t seen or paid attention to. This apps helps you code using blocks….

Reset IOS Devices

Today we’ll tell you about a small solution for losing your password on your IOS device to help you avoid paying lots to get it done.  What you need: A computer iTunes Device with the forgotten password Let’s explain it…

Windows Operating System on Android

Today we will show you how to set up windows operating systems and such on an Android device. First of all, you should download the app called “Limbo” from the Google Play Store. Afterwards, you will need to download the img file…

Custom Roms

What is a Rom? A Rom is the place that stores the system files of the machine. Renewing a Rom means changing the operating system files to new files and changing the interface of the rom. Custom Rom A rom type…