What is Wine?/ What Does It Do?/ Setup

In this article, I’ll talk about what Wine is, what it does and it’s setup. Wine is an application system that allows Windows applications to run on Linux, Bsd etc. systems. Wine is an abbrevation for “Wine is not emulator.” Therefore, Wine can not run some Windows applications. This is because Wine’s application layers can’t[…]

Uninstalling Linux

This article is about uninstalling Linux distrubutions from a computer with two operating systems (dualboot) without damaging the machine. Operations First of all, you should start your Windows OS Download the software called MbrFix.exe to the C:\ directory Start Windows command line (cmd) as administrator Write the commands you see below. After getting the message[…]

Network Vulnerability Scanner Windows

Hello everyone, today we’ve searched and gathered 7 of the network vulnerability scanners for Windows. Let me introduce these programs to you with pictures. 1-) Syhunt   Syhunt is an easy to use scanner. If you want to perform a normal scan, just click “Dynamic Scan” 2-) OpenVas 3-) Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) A[…]